All about the Elliptical Machine

By | March 3, 2018

Several years ago the elliptical machines were introduced to fitness world and since then that have become increasingly more sophisticated and popular. There are estimates that indicate that as many as 6,000,000 people now use this fitness trainer as their primary selection for exercise equipment in their home. The primary reason that this exerciser has experienced such an increase in popularity is that they offer a total body workout that is low impact but that is safe enough for pregnant women and beginners and sufficiently challenging for serious athletes. It is also difficult to top this exerciser as far as cardiovascular workouts are concerned.

There have been studies that have determined that if you want maintain healthy bone density you must engage in exercises that are weight bearing like aerobics, racquetball, running, and other types of exercise that cause you to stay on your feet. However, the problem with these types of exercise can result in jarring the muscles and bones which can cause injuries or aggravate old ones. The joints that may be irritated or injured with this type of exercise are typically the back, hips, knees, and ankles. This exercise machine provides a low impact exercise routine that people who are recovering from an accident, people with arthritis, and women who are pregnant can safely do. 

When you use this fitness trainer, you are in a standing position with your feet on movable, small platforms which means that you are bearing weight and that is good for bone density. However, the machine makes use of an oval pedaling movement that causes you to step up and down on the platforms. This movement is flowing and smooth. This is the same kind of elliptical pattern that we use when we run or walk. While the movement is somewhat like running or walking, it isn’t jarring. When you use this exercise machine, your feet will never leave the platforms. This not only reduces the stress on your joints, but it also makes for a safer workout. 

Using this type of fitness trainer is similar to pedaling a bike while you are standing up. They are considered to be a cross between cross country skiing and a stair climber. However, this fitness trainer offers a continual flowing motion, unlike a stair stepper that comes to a complete stop prior to reversing direction between is up and down strokes. You further reduce the amount of impact on you back, legs, and feet because you are varying the amount of flexed movement at the knees and ankles by using different stepping speeds and inclines. 

This fitness trainer doesn’t place any impact and stress on your muscles and joints while it offers you the advantages of an exercise that is weight bearing. There aren’t many home exercise machines that are available today that offer a low impact workout of this quality.

Elliptical machines also offer a total body workout. Since you are running in place, walking, or standing, you are using your abdominal, back, buttock, and leg muscles. These types of fitness trainers allow you to reverse the direction of motion which permits you to work additional muscles that most other exercise machines ever get to.

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