Why a Mini Exercise Bike Can Be the Best Choice For Most

By | March 15, 2018

If you have overlooked the mini exercise bike thinking it cannot possibly deliver a workout that will help you reach your goals, it is time to rethink that position. The truth is more and more people are deciding that a mini exercise bicycle is not only a great workout, but that they prefer it to any other option currently on the market. There are many reasons that these small machines are catching on with home exercisers.

The only way to one-up the convenience, comfort, and safety of a recumbent style bike is to purchase a mini stationary exercise bike. Recumbent bikes are excellent for anyone who is challenged with balance or has to deal with an injury or slow recovery process, but the mini bike is even safer because you can sit literally anywhere you want.

With a high quality mini bike you do not have to worry about how comfortable the seat is or the angle of the seat. You can sit literally anywhere you wish, and that location can be changed easily. Consider the features of one of the most popular options currently being sold to understand what else a mini bike has to offer.

The best option on the market is the MagneTrainer ER mini exercise bike. With smooth magnetic resistance, you will have ample challenge and variety with a resistance level up to 170 watts. The frame is made of steel and is sturdy enough to take your pedaling without tipping over. It feels just like pedaling any other exercise bike, only you will be more comfortable in the chair of your own choosing.

The MagneTrainer mini bike measures 20 inches when fully spread out and in use, and weighs a mere 22 pounds. It is very easy to store away when not in use, freeing up space in your home for actual living. You could also take it with you when going away for an extended period of time, which cannot be done with full sized equipment.

The most suitable user for a mini exercise bike is someone who lives in a small space or wants to reduce the clutter in their home, or anyone who needs a specific type of seating surface to comfortably workout. Since your sitting position can vary, you could even include upper body movements to increase your calorie burn even more.

Follow the links for the mini exercise bike. You’ll also find exercise bikes of all makes and types like the Schwinn Airdyne, Ironman and the Kettler ErgoRacer GT bike.