What You Need To Know About Kettler Rowing Machines

By | March 7, 2018

When talking about effective exercise machines, the rowing machine is always on the recommended list. However, when talking about rowing machines, Kettler rowing machines always come to mind first of every person.

History of the Rowing Machine

This machine first came about when rowing became a sport in its own right. Rowing coaches in many countries began creating specially made rowing machines to carefully simulate actual rowing. At first, rowing athletes consider it difficult to use and were unpopular. With the introduction of a hydraulic flywheel rowing machine, it made usage a little better and its also the basis of many modern rowing machine designs or rather a hybrid of these designs.


The earliest of rowing machines were cumbersome and difficult to use. As time passed, Kettler Rowing Machines made it smoother and easier to use, with far more benefits as compared to its predecessor as listed below:

– The rowing machine is basically used to improve the cardiovascular system, but it will also improve strength and flexibility.

– This will also be considered a big advantage to those who do not have access to boats and rivers.

– Rowing machines are so good at simulating actual rowing that you will get exactly the same results as you would in actual rowing.

– Most people would think that exercises on a rowing machine is all about improving upper body, but the leg drive is a key component in getting a smooth rowing motion which would greatly improve leg muscles.

– Using a rowing machine is one of the most widely considered complete body work out.

– Another great thing about a rowing machine is that even as you grow older, you can still do the exercise. The exercise could still be done up until the age of 70.

Working out at its Best

Rowing machines will get you the ultimate body workout. You can have the option of choosing the settings, from fast or slow boat, sleek or heavy. You can also keep track of your speed, pace, distance, and calories burned. Most people consider rowing a perfect workout. It is one of the most recommended workout regiments for home. It is one of the most impact free exercises that a person can take on.

You have to first know how much you would be willing to spend. Purchasing a brand new Kettler rowing machines would cost less than $ 1000. If you are looking to spend lesser than that, you can find a used machine around $ 500. No matter what you decide to buy, you always have to remember that repairs for a rowing machine are costly. Hence, it is better to purchase a brand new one.

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