Upright Exercise Bikes ? Why Choose One

By | March 12, 2018

The best upright exercise bikes compare in many ways to recumbent bikes but differ in a few key ways that may make them better for some people. Though the cheap exercise bikes are often upright models, some of the most expensive stationary bikes are of the upright type as well. That suggests that the preferences you have may be part of why one bike type may be more useful to you than another. Here are some of the reasons that an upright bike may suit some better.

Seating position is one basic difference between bike types. Not everybody likes the reclining, lying down, posture of the recumbent ride. As a comparison, upright bikes feel much more like a road bike. Especially for road bicycle users who want to maintain condition inside, the upright is the clear choice as a fitness exercise closest to riding a bike on the road.

But the riding positions also means the seat on an upright is quite critical. That’s so because all the body weight gets concentrated on small areas of the seat which for some riders leads to pain and discomfort. That means the bike seat is very important and must be designed properly. In addition, back troubles often are aggravated by upright positions much more so than the reclined position that results from recumbent bike seating position.

Here’s another basic factor for owning an upright bike. It’s the space requirement. Generally the much smaller footprint of the bikes compared to recumbents means much easier storage as well as easier moving in many cases. Large recumbents almost demand dedicated space since moving the machines is more difficult and storage space requirements are quite large as well.

Getting astride of bikes also differs by type as well. better or worse. Recumbents mostly make getting over the frame bar of no consequence. They do often have a down and up move to get in the seat or on the seat is more like it. Uprights are more just a step over and you’re on but there is sometimes some up movement required to get seated. In general though, most uprights are easy on and easy off as are recumbents. Seating position then becomes more a matter of personal preference.

Then there is the matter of price. The very least costly exercise bikes are usually uprights. Lightweight, cheap bikes are usually junk. Move up to mid-range uprights such as the Schwinn upright bikes and the quality is superior to lesser bikes. The mid level bikes offer superior construction to the cheap bikes and additional features as well. In fact the mid-range stationary machines offer the exact same drives as the comparable recumbents just in a different layout.

Cheap upright exercise bikes lack the quality to be useful. Better uprights rival recumbent bikes especially if you prefer the position and need smaller storage requirements. Exercise bike fitness at home can be had with a moderate price bike easy to store and easy to own. Another alternative to the typical magnetic drive resistance system is the dual action exercise bike for arm and shoulder workouts as well as cardio conditioning and lower body toning.

A Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike is one upright exercise bike somewhat unique in design and function.

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