The World’s Large Format Laser Cutting Machine Export Egyptian Magnetic

By | April 1, 2018

High-end production by the laborers Fali Lai export version ContourLM6020 CNC laser cutting machine by the Egyptian site of a world-renowned large-scale enterprise acceptance. A device with large format is by far the world’s most maglev (linear motor driven) laser cutting equipment.

 Chinese workers Fali Lai has been working in the field of laser cutting welding, since the second half of 2009, the international market in the global financial crisis, the gradual warming of the favorable situation, the company quickly adjust market strategy, positioning target market, actively explore the international and domestic market operations, with the “FarleyLaserlab” brand influence and Fali Lai Chinese workers in recent years and persistent innovation and laser welding technology in the precipitation of the introduction of several international advanced level of laser cutting and welding equipment, a major industry in domestic and international corporate bidding process, frequently winning. Which equipment is involved in global international competitive bidding to obtain high-end orders.

 ContourLM6020 CNC laser cutting machine is the only company in the world today with the realization of linear motor-driven one-time processing format 6 m X2 m effective products. Linear motor drive mode with the mechanical installation and maintenance is simple, start the fast response, positioning speed, no drive and wear the advantages of the technology in large-scale equipment requirements of high-speed high-precision machine tools to be widely applied, is supporting the future of high-end equipment key technology. In the technology, the company strengthened the Chinese laborers Fali Lai’s cooperation with the German Siemens, the linear motor for high-speed high-precision laser, and software upgrades for a lot of cooperation. Fali Lai companies which equipment, expanding the traditional structure, and in order to reduce inertia effects on the acceleration, using beams inverted structure, the finite element method for precise analysis of beam structures, in the beam section size, length, weight, material and other parameters to obtain the best configuration to ensure machine in high speed, high acceleration running state, to maintain rigidity, stability, ensure accuracy. After testing, the machine is running acceleration of 2G.

 The paragraph in the numerical control technology equipment, large format optical transmission technology machine tools, special materials, such as cutting technology also has made a number of technical breakthroughs for a number of inventions and utility model patents. LM4020 has the same type of equipment in 2009 by experts, the structure and key technology and performance indicators have reached international advanced level, by the State Division Technology in focus as the national new product. The export version of equipment design, quality inspection, and other aspects of security in strict accordance with the international market demand, is expected to be huge in the international market competitive advantage.

 According to the international business manager laborers Fali Lai said this client in the Middle East and have a high international profile, highly influential on the high-power laser cutting equipment, cutting speed, precision, processing format and other requirements are high. The Chinese laborers Fali Lai ContourLM6020 CNC laser cutting machine successful customer acceptance of Egypt, also marks the Chinese laborers Fali Lai Kuan our path of internationalization, “FarleyLaserlab” that has 30 years of history of international brands to enter China, to continue in the international distribution of the “laser cutting welding technology leader,” the well-known brand appeal.

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