The Schwinn Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike Features

By | January 31, 2018

Schwinn Airdyne upright exercise bike popularity remains even though the basic bike design is quite old. Lacking many of the features of newer recumbent bikes as well as some of the features of many upright models, the Airdyne remains popular in spite of the lack of some features. The bikes stay popular because of the durability and simplicity of the design, the nature of the dual action motion and the quality of the workout. Personally I’ve been riding the very same Airdyne for twenty plus years and it very likely will outlast my ability to pedal it. Following are more detail about what you get with the bikes and why it matters. The newer Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp is similar with a few design changes.

used in gyms and fitness centers, the bikes are made for hard and frequent use. They are built to stand up to quite a bit of punishment. Here’s why. The basic structure of the bikes is welded and stamped steel made to be stable and solid so the ride is not a swaying, rocking experience. Lesser bikes often rock and roll, leading to failure just from the mechanical stress of constant movement. The nearly 100 pounds Airdyne takes serious pedaling and pumping with nearly no movement. Resistance, the load you pedal, is just produced from turning the big fan. The fan is so simple as compared to most bikes with magnetic drives and lots of electronics and gadgets. It’s a simple matter of the faster the pedaling, the higher the loads you pedal against. Here’s why the fan resistance makes for a better ride.

Dual action bikes like the Airdyne make for a very balanced sort of workout. It’s balanced in several ways but especially so as all the main muscle groups get into the act. That’s so of course because the action synchronizes arm motion with leg motion. By working both upper body and lower body, you get better overall results faster. Part of the advantage to any exercise bike workout, especially the dual action equipment, is the muscle toning and building is the real key to long-term weight loss and fat burning. How so? Building muscle makes for increasing the at-rest or basal metabolism. Faster metabolism means better weight control and less fat accumulation.

The problem with exercise bike workouts is they must be done or no results occur. It’s time in the saddle and the more the better. Boredom stops many exercise plans and that’s another advantage of machines of this type. By engaging arms and legs in the work and making it easy to vary speed and thus pedaling load, it makes for a less boring ride. Most more modern bikes use magnetic resistance and computer power to simulate real world riding. The Airdyne lacks heavy computer power but substitutes a comfortable ride and the more total engagement of the limbs and shoulders to keep the ride less of a chore. It’s still work, but with a little imagination and some thought it’s easy to mix it up and keep at the workouts which is a must to get results.

Exercise machines come and go. Many get abandoned quite quickly. Stationary bikes remain as a really workable way to fitness. Bikes are especially useful at home since the convenience makes it more likely that the workout programs actually get done. The Schwinn Airdyne upright exercise bike remains a popular choice because of it’s basic durable design and the quality of the dual action workout that is possible with these machines.

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