The Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike — 5 Ways Superior

By | April 11, 2018

A Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike sits right beside the computer table where I spend my days. It’s ready to go whenever I am. And it’s been close by for almost twenty years. No maintenance for all these years and the convenience of exercise at home makes it one of my best deals ever. If there is such a thing as a classic in exercise machines, this must be it.

Here’s why it’s a favorite exercise machine since the 1970’s…

1. Dual action.

Getting in shape means more than just burning calories. Losing weight too is about more than just calories. The real key to long-term weight loss is increased metabolism. Your body will burn more calories as you build muscle and strength. That’s where dual action machine excel since you’re exercising just about every muscle as you pump and pedal. Not just that, the muscles worked by exercise bikes are the major muscle groups. That means the results you get are much faster that the results from just working the smaller muscle groups.

Ride a bike and burn more fat even when you rest…

2. Rugged.

And you really can pump and pedal since these bikes are both heavy and built to take the punishment. Ride as hard as you like and you’ll not damage this thins. It’s stable too so there’s very little swaying or rocking going on as you ride. Movement within the frame of an exercise machine is the early death of many a lesser stationary bicycle. Made to be easy to move, the Airdyne stills weighs enough to be a really solid platform for hard work.

3. Simple.

No complicated drives or fancy computers. Now electronics can offer great features for fighting boredom. That’s missing on the Airdynes. But then again, there’s no worry with failing computers and motors either. It’s just simple, tough mechanics and a basic design that’s built to last. That adds to less expected maintenance costs over the year and less frustration as well.

4. Trouble-free.

There really is very little to tear up. I’ve ridden the same bike for almost twenty years with zero maintenance, except for changing the timer batteries a few times. The worst problem I’ve had is a bit of corrosion on the lower part of the bike from all the (ahem) sweat!!! What’s more there are few expensive potential problems as you can expect with electronics and computers.

5. Comfort.

You get a big wide seat that refuses to wear or tear and a comfortable riding position. It’s an upright and not recumbent but the arm exercising seems to add to the comfort and fight boredom at the same time. The stable base that eliminates swaying makes it a better ride too.

Schwinn Air dyne bikes last and last. They help you exercise all over and build fat burning muscle too. My bike has been real workhorse with no trouble in decades. It’s a winner as an exercise machine. Another updated version, the Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp is an updated version that has changes included to correct some weaknesses in the original version.

Use exercise bikes to stay in shape year around. A Schwinn Airdyne bike helps you burn fat with a simple machine. Get details about the newer Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp at another of our articles.