The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike Gets Good Ratings From Owners

By | February 28, 2018

One of the worst mistakes you can make when choosing an exercise bike is spending too little money. Here’s why… Cheap bikes often come apart with use and often are uncomfortable to ride as well. Lightweight construction of a stationary bike usually translates to rocking, rolling and swaying. That may produce the feeling that you are likely to get dumped from the bike at any moment. Lots of motion of the bike frame often leads to cracked joints and early failure of one sort or another. That often results in an early grave to a bike and a complete waste of time and money.

As a contrast, the Schwinn 230 exercise bike offers good value, but at a fair price too. Three advantages come to mind with the Schwinn.


Like many modern stationary bikes, the 230 comes with a magnetic drive that provides resistance to pedaling. The load you feel as you pedal comes from magnetic resistance. That contrasts with a fan drive like the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike or a friction drive as found on some lesser machines. Magnetic drives make almost zero noise. That way you can watch movies or read a book and you get to do it in quiet. Listening to music is another option. It may be that a quiet, comfortable ride means more time spent working and better results and faster results too.

Comfortable position and seating.

Schwinn seats get high praise. It’s a big almost reclining seat that’s rated high for comfort. Plus the seat is on a sliding rail so it fits just about anybody. It’s comfort all the way. Again, the comfort ride likely means more time in the saddle. This contrasts with upright exercise bikes that may have comfortable seats but your weight is still concentrated in a smaller area and that leads to pain for some users. Recumbents also work better sometimes for folks with back challenges since the weight is off the riders back to some degree.

Fights boredom.

Why do exercise bike owners not ride those machines? It’s often… Boring rides… Let’s face it, mindlessly pedaling away for long periods of time at the same pace with little distraction is not most people’s idea of fun, far from it actually. One way to win over boredom is with the built-in programmable workouts. That’s another way this machine is rated high. It has lots of workout routines to keep the rides interesting and fun. You can mix up workouts and fight back the boredom. Programmable workouts are possible because the magnetic drive and computer controls are all tied together.

The Schwinn 230 exercise bike or the similar Schwinn 240 are good values in recumbent exercise bikes. You get quiet and comfort too. You also get plenty of computer power so you can avoid the boredom of pedaling. Then there’s this too… Buy at the right place ans you get discounts too. Another newer model now available is the Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bike. Very similar to the 230, the newer model comes with several refined features. A less expensive option is the Schwinn Active 20 Series for a bike with a quiet magnetic drives and choices of workouts too.

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