The Benefits of Exercise Bikes Over Other Exercise Equipment

By | November 27, 2017

Having exercise equipment at home is a good motivator for many people to stick with an exercise routine. But there so many different types and models of each type out there, choosing the right one for you may seem a bit overwhelming. For me the exercise bike was the home fitness equipment of choice.

There are a lot of exercise bikes available so they come in all sort of sizes and shapes. Recumbent style bikes, where you sit in more of a chair-like seat with your legs out in front of you, and models like the Schwinn Airdyne take up more space, but you can find some basic models that are quite compact (some 40 inches or less long by 20 inches wide). When you find a smaller model like this it is also very light and easy to move. For me this was an important selling point because I live in a smaller condo so I need something compact that I can move if I need to use the space for something else, like when family is visiting for the week.

Because of the design you can’t find a treadmill this small and the smaller budget elliptical machines are typically poorer quality. From what I’ve read and heard budget models of treadmills and ellipticals sometimes aren’t worth the money. They often break down or don’t have a smooth feel so they aren’t as comfortable. Exercise bikes have a design that works better as a compact, budget exercise machine.

Knee Problems
Another thing that lead me to the stationary bike is my history of knee problems. I had a torn ACL that wasn’t repaired for almost ten years. Whenever I would re-injure that knee biking felt better than any other type of exercise. It helped loosen it up and it helped push the swelling out of the joints. After I finally had my surgery it was the same thing. Even now five years after the surgery, biking feels the best on my knee and I can feel the muscles around the knee being worked, making my knee stronger.

Of the home fitness equipment available exercise bikes typically require less repair than the others. This was very appealing to me. In something like this I prefer something that is easy to use without too much maintenance. Having problems with the equipment is just another reason some people start to fall out of their exercise routines.

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