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Magnetic Perpetual Motion Made Easy

by Internet Archive Book Images Is it possible to attain a magnetic perpetual motion? Does magnetic perpetual motion really work? The answer to these two questions here is yes, as many scientists have worked day and night to verify its validity. On the other hand, a lot of people have taken a bold step forward… Read More »

Renewable Green Energy With Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machines

by Chris Devers If you have to be kept informed of research into alternative energy solutions, no doubt you’ve had a discussion on perpetual motion. Perpetual motion set-off is applications that will run indefinitely or forever, without the need to feed or electrical input. At one point, a perpetual motion was the stuff of science fiction. People thought… Read More »

Five Reasons for Choosing Magnetic Plate

by Internet Archive Book Images Five Reasons for Choosing Magnetic Plate In terms of mould clamping unit in the large plastic injection molding machine, magnetic plate gets more and more people’s attention. Compared with hydraulic plate, what are the unique advantages of magnetic plate? This article makes a detailed analysis for you. Safe, reliable and… Read More »