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Improve Your Cycling Performance With The Right Lacing Systems

by thelearningcurvedotca In today’s hypercompetitive world, everything matters. When you’re talking about bicycling, every little detail matters from the frame of the bike to the pedals to the fasteners that hold the wheels on. Every ounce of weight makes a difference, and anything that can give you an advantage has to be included. This includes… Read More »

Using Cycling To Improve The Body

by thelearningcurvedotca Most avid exercisers and athletes are always looking for a new way to challenge their body and increase weight loss and muscle mass. There are so many different exercise methods, fads, and trends around that it can be difficult to decide on one to try at a time. Some of the most popular… Read More »

Improve Your Health By Cycling

by brassynn If you have neck, back, or knee pain, saddle sores, or hand or foot numbness, your bicycle probably does not fit you properly. Good bike fit can also improve your pedaling efficiency, aerodynamics, and actually make you faster. Your bike seat should be level to support your full body weight and allow you… Read More »