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Kettler Ellipsentrainer AXOS Elliptical P – der ideale Hometrainer – mit 12 Programmen und 16 Widerstandsstufen – mit 4-Personen-Speicher – Heimtrainer inkl. Handpulssensoren und Ohrclip – schwarz & anthrazit

Ellittica top di gamma per un allenamento ottimale di tutto il corpo. I punti di forza di questa ellittica sono: 16 livelli di regolazione dello sforzo, peso volano 18 kg, cuscinetti a sfera autoallineanti e computer di allenamento Push’N’Turn di facile utilizzo con 12 programmi e memoria dati per 4 profi li personali. Nuovo display… Read More »

Elliptical Crosstrainer MX700 Ellipsentrainer Heimtrainer belastbar bis 150 kg Schwungmasse: 14,5 kg inkl. Computer Pulssensoren Smartphone-Halterung 32 Widerstandsstufen 12 Trainingsprogramme

Crosstrainer MX700 von Elitum inkl. Computer mit Smartphone/Tablet Halterung, Pulsmessung Der große Computer zeigt folgende Funktionen an: Trainingszeit, zurückgelegte Strecke, verbrannte Kalorien, Puls und Geschwindigkeit. Die Anzeigen sind groß und sehr gut lesbar. Es können bis zu vier Benutzer die Trainingsdaten speichern. Die Fußschalen lassen sich in 3 Stufen regulieren, was ein bequemes und effektives… Read More »

Getting Elliptical Exercise

by elliottcable The elliptical machine is a good option for people who want to get in better shape because of the way that it is designed to maximize the effect of every movement that that the user makes. The circuitous motion combines with the way that the limbs are working in tandem with each other… Read More »

Preparing For Elliptical Workouts

by pui108diy One of the more important things that people can do before beginning a workout session on an elliptical machine is to be properly prepared for the exercise that they are about to undergo. It may seem like common sense, but there is science and rationale that backs this sentiment, which can lead to… Read More »

Maneuvering To Elliptical Fitness

by mattucf One of the primary benefits that is associated with using an elliptical machine to reach better physical fitness is the fact that it simultaneously works out a variety of muscle groups, and uses existing motion and inertia to channel energy back into the person and their workout process. This means that every time… Read More »