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by thelearningcurvedotca Cycling shoes are shoes that are purposely built for cycling. The key features of these shoes include rigidity, more efficient transfer of power from the cyclist to the power. There is numerous variety of cycling shoes like road racing, track racing, winter or casual cycling, indoor cycling, spinning and so many. Bike shoes… Read More »

Secure Bike Parking Is Needed To Ensure Cycling Growth

by GarethS998 Experts also advise that because the highest rate of bike thefts is from homes, all dwellings, especially apartments, condos and dorms should include secure bike parking. Lack of secure bike racks or other bike parking options at desirable destinations is the prime reason people don’t ride their bicycles more, according to “Bicycle Parking… Read More »

Mountain Biking Apparel Should Be Looser Than Cycling Apparel

by thelearningcurvedotca Mountain bike equipment Equipment for mountain biking would include the different categories of apparel, accessories, frames, components and the bikes by itself. The product range is so vast that you need to have a clear picture of what you want. Decide on whether you are into intense mountain racing or downhill or you… Read More »

Get up to gear with cycling equipment

by sirwiseowl Whether you are new to the world of biking, or a seasoned enthusiast, cycling equipment is an essential part of the biking experience, and so this guide will brief you on the essentials. Cycling tools – Ensuring that you are prepared if you puncture a tire or if a wheel comes loose means… Read More »

Von Sölden über das Timmelsjoch und zurück – FitViewer Indoor Video Cycling Österreich

Wir beginnen unsere Tour in Sölden im Ötztal Auf der gut ausgebauten Straße fahren wir zunächst bis zur Ortschaft Zwieselstein. Auf dieser Wegstrecke sind bereits kurze Steigungen von bis zu 8% zu überwinden. Kurz nach Zwieselstein zweigt die nun steiler werdende Straße links ab in Richtung Hochgurgl und der Mautstation. Ab der Mautstation sind es… Read More »