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Customizing The Bike Experience

by smellsofbikes Choosing the right equipment option is an important decision for future home gym equipment owners. Usually, the guidelines for choosing these devices involve how accessible and easy to use they are, as well as what type of a workout that they will provide. Exercise bikes are a good choice for those that want… Read More »

Losing Weight With A Bike

by becky_mckimmy One of the main reasons why people buy home gym equipment is that they desire to lose weight, and that they feel that buying such equipment can ensure that. All equipment available can certainly do that, but they all differ in their approach and how effective they are in the long term, based… Read More »

PROFESSIONAL 515 – Speed bike

JK Fitness Indoor Cycle 515sistema Bremskraft tamponiregolazione Trägheit micrometricafreno Notfall A pressionevolano 20 kg A Ritzel fissotrasmissione A cinghiaschermo 1 Fenster lcdvisualizzazione Zeit/Geschwindigkeit/Distanz/caloriemovimento zentrale auf cuscinettimanubrio ergonomisches, Mehrfachsteckdose, vertikal einstellbar, rutschfeste sellasoft Race, horizontal verstellbar und verticalmenteportata Max Benutzer 110 kgGewicht netto 35 kgGewicht brutto 39 KgDimensioni 102 x 47 x 102/110 cm minimale/massimadimensioni Verpackung LxBxH 82 x 27 x 105 cm lxwxhruote Transport SiCertificazioni EG,… Read More »

Striving For Fitness On A Bike

by thelearningcurvedotca One of the reasons why people choose to work out on an exercise bike is because it will allow them to strive for better overall fitness. Instead of simply electing to make the equipment part of a fitness routine, the user can elect to instead utilize it to choose a lifestyle that helps… Read More »