Rowing Women Have A Monopoly Of Meaning Comparable To Liu Xiang Broke Europe And The United States

By | April 17, 2018

Rowing four women have a monopoly of significance comparable to breaking Europe and the United States

Liu Xiang Start from the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese athletes and indomitable fighting spirit after another in various track to achieve a historic breakthrough. Beijing time on August 17, four Chinese women rowing team girl TANG Bin, Jin Ziwei, Xi Aihua and Zhang Yangyang united four sculls final in the women’s 100 meter final won to achieve than it is obtained s an Olympic gold medal rowing.

Rowing for the Chinese audience is undoubtedly a popular item, European player has been dominant in this competition advantage. Until the 2004 Athens Olympics, Meng Liang / Yang Wenjun of China in canoeing for water projects has won its first Olympic gold medal. To the joy and touched countless people, but also for canoeing and rowing more and more attention. I must mention that the Meng Liang and Yang Wenjun won, the European and American media have been written about, the ink not hesitate to make people feel that this gold medal is as important as Liu Xiang of China

Track and field . Now the Chinese rowing team has achieved a historic breakthrough, won the first gold medal Olympic competition, a significance comparable to Liu Xiang in the same

Track and field Pitch win. In fact, China’s rowing back in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games had made a breakthrough on. There it was known as “defeat in Seoul,” the Olympics, the Chinese rowing team led by the Li Ronghua, won the women’s four-oars with coxswain of the silver and the eight-oars with coxswain in the bronze medal, the Chinese water project achieved in the first Olympic medals. At that time, the success of Chinese rowing team shocked the world, because no other Asian countries, European and American players to break through the monopoly in the rowing project. The two medals is no doubt become the constant forward momentum of the Chinese rowing. 1992 Barcelona Olympics, China also won bronze in women’s double sculls, followed by Atlanta in 1996 by Cao Ying and Zhang Xiuyun cotton together to participate in the women’s double sculls won a silver medal.

Unfortunately, after the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympics, the Chinese rowing team failed to win medals. Especially in the Athens Olympic Games, then Xu Dongxiang and Li Qian combination is considered very strong impact on the Olympic rowing team’s first gold, but eventually missed the crown fell short of success. China can only watch as canoeing rowing gold medal.

Fortunately, China experienced a long-dormant rowing team in 2006 broke out. The past two years, the Chinese rowing team at the World Cup is almost out of medal station in 2006 and 2007 world championships, the Chinese team won three and were a medal, it is worth mentioning that this four Gold participants are from different projects, 3 of which are Olympic events.

In this year’s Swiss World Cup, the Chinese team again highlight the achievements of 5 gold his strength, can be said that Beijing Olympics is China’s rowing team won the best opportunity.

Yesterday, was high hopes Xiu-Yun Zhang and Li Qin / Tian Liang did not materialize in the women’s single sculls and the women’s double sculls race in the dream to win gold. But do not think that the Chinese women’s four sculls team this last boat was a finalist in the Last Stand of the great breakthroughs in achieving the gold medal. This is not only a major breakthrough in China’s rowing, also means the Chinese rowing really become a strong force, completely broke the United States and Europe players monopoly on the project.

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