Recumbent Exercise Bike Tips

By | September 7, 2017

The recumbent exercise bike can be your ticket to better health – Without risking your back and your pelvic health. How do you choose the perfect recumbent exercise bike for you for the longest lasting peak health experience
possible? Read on.

Designed to Remove Biking Pains

Most people who bike don’t even realize how much pain they’re really in. The bicycle wasn’t designed with stationary exercise in mind – It was designed to be a machine that moves. Because you’re now taking this machine that moves and making it into a stationary object, you can make it considerably less painful and still get all the exercise you need.

For one, a normal exercise bike causes a lot of strain on the back. Since your hands are leaning forward on the handlebars, your back is almost always curved towards the front. This is extremely bad for your back, not to mention painful.
Over time, this stress can result in a lot of soreness around the spine. In a way, the more you bike this way the unhealthier your back gets.

Another area of your body that takes a lot of damage is your pelvic area. You’re essentially putting your whole body’s weight into a single point.Even if your pelvic bones can handle it, it’s very bad for the reproductive system – The perineum in particular.It doesn’t make sense that a stationary bike that’s supposed to increase health can instead damage it. Therefore the recumbent exercise bike was made.

Burn More Calories with No Bodily Damage

A recumbent bike is one where your weight is distributed evenly so you can sit or lie back. Instead of putting all the weight on your pelvis, it’s distributed through your back and your butt, so that no one area is taking all the pressure.
This does several things.

First of all, your back is safe now. Instead of leaning forward painfully, you can now lean back and relax your back. Your back isn’t meant to be exercised, so it can take a breather.

Your pelvis area has almost no pressure on it now. The pressure has moved back to the buttocks, which is much more equipped to handle weight than the pelvis.
And most importantly, you can work out just as hard if not harder on a recumbent exercise bike.

Make no mistake about it – The recumbent bike isn’t meant for trying to “tone down” exercises. It’ll help you crank it up, in fact.One small bonus of the recumbent bike is that it’s very hard to “cheat.” With a normal bike, you can stand up on the bike to relieve pressure. With a recumbent bike you can’t do that – But you won’t really need to either.

Choosing Your Recumbent Bike

There are many models to choose from that allow you different degrees of control. They come down to your personal preference and how much money you want to spend. To see the full features of all the different bikes available, just take a browse through the many different bikes online.

We all buy exercise bikes with the best of intentions. We want to use them daily to get fit and tone our bodies. One great bike for those who are less fit is a stationary bike; it comes in a variety of styles to suit ones budget and fitness level.