Magnetic Fitness Bike – The Best Exercise Bike

By | February 5, 2018

What makes a magnetic fitness bike so much better from other types of tension systems? This is a complicated issue that many people don’t think much about when buying a bike. Yet, if you can get at least a basic understanding of what magnetic resistance is you will see why it is so important on an exercise bike.

In general, magnetic fitness bikes are quieter and operate much smoother than other types of home fitness bikes. They operate with a belt that travels around a flywheel, and the intensity of the bike can be increased or decreased with this mechanism. In general, a larger, heavier flywheel will be more effective and will be able to produce more resistance levels.

In the past, resistance and intensity was handled through a simple air wheel. The faster you pedal on those bikes, the more intensity you will naturally create for yourself. With a magnetic resistance fitness bike you can set the intensity as high or low as you like it, regardless of the speed at which you are pedaling.

The intensity is changed at any point in a workout with the simple push of a button and within moments you will feel the difference in how difficult it is to pedal. Essentially, it is a mechanical based way to control resistance rather than the previously used natural method.

This is the technology that has allowed bikes to now come already programmed with workouts in the console. After selecting a workout users are taken through different levels of intensity to mimic different outdoor circumstances, such as hills. Thanks to the magnetic technology, the bike is able to change levels of resistance on the flywheel without the user pressing anything during these workouts.

The only real downside to a magnetic bike is that it needs a power supply to work. Some will come with plug-ins for your wall while others now come with their own self-generated power supply.

The most affordable options on the market right now are Stamina magnetic fitness bikes. They are extremely smooth and quiet and offer a wide range of comfort features on sturdy frames. The line up includes a variety of models, from the most basic magnetic bike up to those with more complicated consoles, comfort features, and more durable frames.

If you want the best exercise bike the market has to offer, then make sure it has magnetic resistance. While some people still prefer the old air bikes or various other types of resistance systems, a magnetic fitness bike will be smoother, a lot quieter, and generally offer a more pleasurable workout experience.

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