Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine For Reaching Your Fitness Goals

By | January 26, 2018

If you want to start exrcising at home, then a rowing machine will help you to do that in bundles. Check out the Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine.

Kettler is a German company which has a lot of experience in developing and producing exercise equipment for the home market and for health clubs. With a German background you will be aware of the quality of products that built in Germany.

The Kettler Kadett enforces this reputation for quality. This is not the cheapest rowing machine that you can buy. However it also offers many features which are usually found on rowing machines which are a lot more expensive. It is surprising what you actually get for the price.

It is important that when you exercise, your posture is correct, and the Kettler’s ergonomic desgin makes sure that you are always in the correct position. Despite the fact that it has a robust build, it is very easy to move around, as it weighs just 66 pounds. However the performance of this rower is far from being lightweight.

If your levels of fitnness are poor, or if they are pretty good, it doesn’t matter, you will find this machine suitable. There are 12 resistance levels. This means as you start to get fitter over a period of time, you can keep increasing the resistance to make your workouts tougher and tougher.

The computer monitor allows you to preset the length of time that you want to train for. When you reach the end of the set time, it will tell you on the computer, and also give off an audio bleep.

The other features on the computer monitor include, speed of workout, length of workout, the distance you have travelled in your workout, and how many calories you have burned during your workout session.

The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine has an outrigger style. Normally when you row on a machine, your arms move forward and back, however with this rower your arms move in small circles. This gives you the feel of actually rowing on water, even though you obviously aren’t.

There are rowers which cost less than the Kettler Kadett, but if you want a machine where you can train harder and harder on a regular basis, then this is the rower for you. The Kadett is not a rower that you are going to out perform, it will continue to give you hard workouts for a long long time. It is surprising that you get these amount of features on a rowing machine which costs a lot less than more expensive machines with similar features.

There are very few forms of exercising which are better than rowing. The continual movement of rowing will help you to burn a lot of calories, along with an improvement in heart health and cardiovascular performance.

If you have thought about getting a rower, this particular model is one that you should really look at. People that have aquired the Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine are rarely disappointed!

Even though this review of the Kettler Kadett has given you some in depth information, you can take a look at other models by going to Rowing Machine Equipment