Indoor Rowing – 3 Reasons To Start Rowing Today

By | February 6, 2018

Have you ever tried an indoor rowing machine? Chances are that you’ve seen it in the gym and walked straight past it. The truth is that indoor rowing is an incredible demanding workout that has immense benefits that can help you tone up, lose weight and get fit. As a sport it has really taken off and it is one of the only “gum activities” that is now a recognized sport with competitions in the USA, the UK and Australia. There are even virtual races with competitor from all over the world.

So, why should you care? Why should you start indoor rowing and how will it benefit you? Here are a few reasons why you need to start today.

– Cardiovascular Workout
If you are someone who usually heads straight to the exercise bike or the treadmill to get your cardio workout, why not try the indoor rower for a change. It is an incredibly effective cardio workout and the cross action can give you a very intense workout. It engages a huge amount o muscle groups which is why its such a demanding workout routine.

– Low Impact
Unlike running, this will give you an intense workout without the intense impact on your legs and joints. During a run a lot of your energy gets wasted on the impact of your legs hitting the ground. During a rowing session all that effort gets passed on through your muscles which is why it is so demanding.

– Upper Body Strength
While indoor rowing is a terrific cardiovascular workout, the focus is more on your upper body. With running, the focus is more on your lower body which is why this can be such a good alternative. It will help you to build immense upper body strength – without the heavy impact and strain of weights and machines.

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