First Degree E316 Fluid Rower Provides the Next Best Thing to On-Water Rowing

By | April 15, 2018

If you want to enjoy the physical benefits of on-water rowing, then First Degree E316 Fluid Rower is your best option.  The fluid rower of First Degree is highly innovative, functional, and unmatched in its class.  It is one of the best rowing machines with fully realistic natural catch and resistance.  First Degree rowers offer full body workout without subjecting your body to stressful movements.  Its E316 rower is extremely durable, easy to use, and facilitates optimum cardio exercises for more efficient calorie burning.   

First Degree is the pioneer and developer of fluid technology.  The First Degree E316 fluid rower was designed to replicate variable fluid resistance.  This technology allows you to fully enjoy fingertip control of the stationary water rower.  Not all rowing machines can be controlled easily.  With First Degree’s fluid technology, the adjustments from feather light rowing to Olympic grade sprint would be easy.  There are no complicated features to set-up.  With simple flicks of the control systems, the First Degree rowers deliver smooth resistance, immediate response, and no flat spots.  The rowing machines of First Degree will help you to enjoy your workout so that you can easily achieve your fitness goals.  

The First Degree E316 fluid rower provides the best low impact workout for your body.  However, this stationary water rower has the biggest impact in terms of burning calories, muscle toning, and optimized cardio exercises.  Simplicity is the best quality of First Degree rowers.  Set up is a breeze and there are no complicated steps or mechanisms to tweak.  This kind of stationary water rower allows sit-and-go exercise.  All you need to do is to sit down on the rower and start paddling your way to total fitness.  Stationary rowing provides the greatest opportunity for you to burn fats much faster.  Compared to other forms of exercise equipments, water rowers do not jar your muscles and joints to submission.  The efficient movement of your body will facilitate concentrated workout for different muscle groups.  This adds the perfect tone to your muscles without subjecting them to extreme stress.

The First Degree E316 fluid rower offers 16 levels of water resistance.  You will have more freedom to choose which level of water or fluid resistance is suitable for your requirements.  First Degree rowers also feature the innovative direct drive system which promotes stable and constant tension.  This rower has extended transport wheels to give you an easier time in moving the machine from one room to another.  The handle bars are ergonomically designed for easy grip and operation while the foot pedals and seat gliders are easily adjustable. First Degree offers up to 10 year warranty for its stationary water rower.  This shows the confidence of the company in delivering high quality and extremely durable fluid rowers.  

So if you are looking for state of the art water rowers that offer the best features, then the First Degree E316 fluid rower is your ideal option.  This rower is available online and can be purchased easily from online retail shops.   

Get the latest First Degree E316 Fluid Rower today. State of the art Fluid Rower and rowing machines are the best exercise equipments that will keep you trimmed and healthy.