Exercise Bike Tips – What Are You Looking For?

By | March 11, 2018

Picking out an exercise bike within your price range may seem like an easy task, especially if you are shopping in the mid-to-high price rangers. The large number of makes and models currently on the market means a wide variety in prices, but it also means a wide variety of overall quality and features.

There are some things you have to consider before picking the bike that is best for your home. Consider all of the following tips before you settle on one as price is not all that matters.

Some bikes are rich in convenience features such as water bottle holders, book racks, and key compartments. They have push button operations that take your resistance up instantly and often include a variety of preprogrammed workouts that automatically change the intensity for you at just the right moments. The prices don’t have to be high to get these basic features, but for some people paying for advanced technology is well worth the price tag. Some bikes now have TV screens built right into the console, plug-ins for an MP3 player with built-in speakers, and various other features.

Look at the maximum user weight that the bike can hold. If you weigh over 300 pounds you may have to go up into the higher priced bikes just to find one designed to hold your weight safely. This cannot be ignored as the bike could break down if you are too heavy or just not function properly, interfering with your workouts.

One of the biggest choices in the bike market right now concerns the type of console. Some are large with lots of buttons and smaller windows and will deliver tons of feedback on your workout. Others are smaller and deliver more basic information. Some users also prefer a brightly lit LED screen to a dot matrix that is a bit darker and may be harder for some people to read. This may seem like a small issue, but it can interfere with your workout if you don’t get the feedback you need or you have trouble reading what is right in front of you.

Consider which features you will actually use before purchasing an exercise bike for your home. Chances are you don’t even need a big, fancy one to meet your needs.

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