Eclipse 1100 Elliptical Trainer Review

By | September 2, 2017

Elliptical trainers are the biggest advancement in exercise machines that offer a low impact cardiovascular workout. These machines help you build strength in your arm and legs while it takes you through motions of walking, cycling, stepping, and skiing, while also allowing for a smooth motion and transition on joints. A unique aspect and feature is that your feet remain on foot pedals while doing the exercise regimen resulting to low to little impact on your knees hips and back.

About The Eclipse 1100 HR/A Elliptical Trainer

Affordability is a key aspect when making any investment on a home gym equipment and the Eclipse 1100 HR/A Elliptical Trainer is priced just right at a price just under $ 500. You may also be concerned with size and weight, but this machine has it all with its sleek and quit patented orbital linkage system. It weights about 85 pounds, making this unit much lighter than just about any in its class

What others have to say

Customers are saying that if you want an elliptical machine without paying over $ 1,000, or even over $ 500 for that matter, then this product is a good choice to go with. It works just like the ones in professional gyms and the setup is quick and painless. If your used to walking to get your workout and your knees, ankles and shins hurt so much that it keeps you from working out regularly, then this product is right for you because the workout you get is really smooth, has virtually no impact yet works up quite a sweat.

Easy Assembly

Some of the biggest praise about this machine is that it is really easy to put together, even an 8 year old can help with the assembly. One of the worst things ever when purchasing a trainer is to but one that is almost impossible to put together due to limitations of tools or strength.

Customer Service

As with any product you always want to ensure that if anything goes wrong, someone is going to be there to help you get it right and that is where customer service and warranty comes in. Fitness Quest has a great reputation and one that they hold dearly. They are quick to respond and if anything goes wrong with your machine they will send you out a replacement part right away to ensure you are always getting the best workout possible.

I hope by now that you are convinced that the Eclipse 1100 HR/A Elliptical Trainer is the right way to go. I am sure you heard others rave about it and that is why your probably looking it up now. Its a great product and you wont be let down so go on buy one today!

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