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Adapting To The Treadmill

by hermetic hermit For new users of home gym equipment, there is often a transitional period that marks the end to previous exercise regimens, and creating new ones that are hopefully more effective than previous efforts. This period can be a difficult one, due to the natural resistance to change inherent in most people, so… Read More »

Warming Up To The Treadmill

by hermetic hermit For people who have recently elected to purchase home exercise equipment, the transition between not having any equipment and regularly using it to get into better shape can be a difficult one. The transition is difficult because the people involved are introducing a new variable into their lives that essentially symbolizes hard… Read More »

3 Reasons To Start Indoor Rowing

by Internet Archive Book Images Are you engaged in indoor rowing? If you’re looking for a smart way to obtain in shape then rowing might well be the factor for you. While it may not be the most well-liked type of exercise it certain has some advantages that far exceed numerous of the most popular… Read More »