Build Your Own Magnetic Electricity Generator For Free Energy At Home

By | April 22, 2018

There are a lot of inventors who have come up with ideas to generate alternative energy from different sources. For instance, wind turbines have been used to harness energy from the wind. Solar power systems are used to generate electricity from the sun. And now, we have across a new source of energy that perhaps only a few people have taken notice: Magnetic Electricity Energy. Yes, this energy source is from a magnetic motor energy.


Many years ago the prices of almost everything is soaring high. This is mostly because of rising prices of basic commodities such as crude oil, food, raw materials for medicine, construction and also technology. Electricity is also part of these commodities that people cannot live without. It is one basic necessity that people will pay even for a price. Have you ever imagine living without an air conditioner, water heater, refrigerator, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner and computers? Well, if you cannot live without, you have to find ways so you can afford to. And this is where Magnetic Electricity Generator comes in. Necessity; this is why you have to build this magnetic electricity generator; to produce your very own electric power and to minimize if not to eliminate your bills.


The Magnetic Electricity Generator is a very environment friendly machine. It has no smoke, fumes or any bio hazardous by-products that can damage ecological balance of the environment. This machine runs continuously without stopping once it has started and does not need any regular maintenance like changing oil, lubricating or cleaning. The machine can be built in a very compact size and thus it needs only small space for storage. It can be installed inside your garage or store room. This machine can be really of help in terms of budgeting.


All you need to do now is to buy your magnetic energy generator manual and start building your own machine. This is very cost effective and is very easy to build. A simple machine can actually work up to 7,000 watts. This is enough to power up the electrical supply of an entire household.

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