All About Cycling – Avoiding Flat Tyres

By | February 8, 2018

It’s certainly a pain to have to change a flat tyre as a recreational cyclist but to suffer from a flat tyre during a race could often be the difference between a good time and a bad one, between winning and losing, or even between staying in the saddle and crashing out. Consequently prevention is much better than cure and there are a few tips it may be worth remembering the next time you take the bike out in order to prevent a flat tyre in the first place.

1 – Avoid the gutter

If you are regularly riding on the road then avoid riding too close to the kerb. If you take a good look on a relatively busy road you will find that lots of debris accumulates in the gutter as a result of cars going past. You will find all sorts in the gutter from glass to nails, none of which will be kind to your tyres. If riding in the gutter is unavoidable make sure you inspect your tyres before and after each ride.

2 – Clean Away Tyre Debris

If you find that you have unavoidably ridden through a patch of debris which could contain glass or sharp gravel etc, then take a minute to stop and brush off as much of the debris as you can. This will prevent any sharp object which has become stuck in your tyre tread getting a chance to work its way deeper into the tyre and possibly causing a puncture

3 – Regular Inspections

Once you return from your ride it is well worthwhile taking a few minutes to inspect your tyres. Spin them slowly under a good light looking for road debris which has become trapped in the treads. Also take a minute to look for structural problems with the tyres themselves, like cuts and cracks, especially as your tyres become older.

4 – Carry out Repairs No Matter How Small

If during your inspection you find a cut or damage caused by a sharp object, fill the hole with superglue to repair it. This practice could prolong the life of your tyres quite considerably. If the problem cannot be cured this way then it may be time to consider replacing the tyre.

5 – Buy better Tyres

Sometime investing in cheaper tyres can be a false economy, especially if you ride a lot. If you have acquired a new bike, don’t necessarily settle for the tyres that came with it. You can even buy tyres which are especially resistant to punctures and in the long run they could save you some money.

Overall you should simply do more than take your tyres for granted. If you pay more attention to them more often then you will be able to spot problems as they are starting to occur. This will enable you to avoid damage and therefore prolong the life of your tyres.

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