A Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike — 5 Tips

By | April 5, 2018

I’ve owned and used a Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike for twenty plus years. And I acquired it as an used one. It rests right here at the edge of my computer work station ready to go at a second’s notice. All this time, I’ve paid no expensive club fees or driven anywhere to work out. It’s been totally reliable and here’s why I like it still. The Airdyne model has been around for about forty years as a design and with that long time in existence, it’s for sure that the machine has plenty of competition today. Here are reasons the machine still is a seller after all that time.

It’s dual action and that does make a difference. See, you’re working both your upper body and your lower body too. The real trick to long-term weight control is to keep your rate of metabolism up. The way to do that is to keep your muscles built up. Using a machine like this is a great way to maintain muscle with no danger of that weight lifter look. Pump and pedal to more fat burned, even if you’re just sitting around. Also working the major muscle groups is the most efficient way to progress as well.

With the dual action machines the work load you must overcome results from turning a fan. The fan on the standard bike is quite large and quite noisy but also quite effective. The faster you pump ad pedal the harder it gets. It’s all a result of kicking up a breeze. A later model machine the Evolution Comp has a smaller fan that generates load in the same manner but in a smaller and quieter package to cut the wind somewhat as well as the noise.

Electronic drives as now found on most recumbent and upright stationary bikes certainly make for quiet and for computer power. That ability to program the drives lets you simulate real world rides. The reality is that the drives are generally reliable and long-lasting. The potential is there for catastrophic failure. If the electronics fails, you just lost your bike without what will prove to be very expensive repair bills. On the other hand the electronics on the Airdyne bike is nowhere near as powerful or as complicated. What you have instead is a mostly mechanical device that may likely need nearly no or even really no repairs at all.

Sometimes basic requirements may go overlooked. For example, it goes without saying that pedaling or pumping on an exercise bicycle should be a solid sort of experience, not a moving one. Yet, in truth, many lesser exercise machines are in reality a shaky, rock and weave kind of ride. That makes for a bike that self-destructs. It makes too for a machine that does everything but encourage hard effort that produces faster results. The Air dyne bikes are tank like and build to stay put under heavy use and stress. Don’t overlook the importance of a stable platform for working on.

The mostly mechanical exercise bikes, if out together properly, should be low in maintenance and that has been my experience with the bikes. Aside from batteries for the electronics part that has been about it. There are some bushings and bearings to eventually wear and require replacement but that may be beyond the lifetime of the typical owner and is a straight-forward bicycle type repair anyhow. Airdynes do no hide huge potential repair bills. It just is not that type of design…

My Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike continues to work perfectly after all these years of hard use. Schwinn doesn’t get much repeat business on this model. One’s probably all you’ll ever need. The one I have probably is going to outlast me…

Use stationary bikes to exercise year around. A schwinn airdyne upright exercise bike helps you burn fat with a trusty machine.

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