7 Amazing Benefits Of Owning A Recumbent Exercise Bike

By | January 12, 2018

There are so many amazing benefits to owning a recumbent exercise bike; it’s almost hard to list. If you’re undecided on what kind of exercise bike you want to get, just read a few of these points below!

Say Goodbye to Stiff Back!

Most bikes require that you lean forward as you bike. Although this can be fine at first, it quickly turns into a painful back experience.

If you’re working out regularly, this could even turn into a long term damaging effect. All in all, regular bikes aren’t great for your back.

Even Weight Distribution

Most bikes have almost all the weight centered on one areal: The Pelvis. This means that after 30 minutes of biking, your groin area will usually really, really hurt.

In addition to being uncomfortable, scientists have shown that it could actually cause damage to the perineum as well.With a recumbent bike, that won’t happen.

Designed Solely for Exercise

Regular bikes were designed for travel, not for exercise. Even the stationary bike, which was modeled after the normal bike, was just based on a design for traveling over distances.
The recumbent bike however was designed to help you work out without damaging other areas of the body. And it’s achieved that end very well.

You Can’t Cheat!

One common way people “cheat” when they’re riding a bike or an exercise bike is by standing up and peddling.

With a recumbent bicycle, you can’t do that – Standing up just doesn’t make physical sense. You’ll workout harder without having to cheat – You won’t want to or be able to!

You Can Work out Just as Hard!

A lot of people worry that a recumbent bike, because it has a reclining seat, means that you’ll be more comfortable and workout less hard.

The opposite is true. The bike is designed to take your attention off the pain generated in other areas so you can just focus on building your cardiovascular and leg strength. To that end, the recumbent exercise bike is very effective.

Healthier for Your Hands, Arms and Nerves

Because most bikes require you to lean forward, that puts a lot of pressure on the hands and the arms. That results in nerves getting compressed and over time getting number. It also causes less blood to flow through the arms.

The recumbent exercise bike resolves this issue by distributing the weight evenly throughout the butt and the back.

Wide Range of Options

With a recumbent exercise bike, you have a wide range of options to choose from.
You can buy one for under $ 500 if you wanted to. It’ll be mostly bare-bones featured, most likely without electronic measurements.

If you’re willing to spend around the $ 1,000 mark, then you’re in for a treat. You’ll have electronic systems designed to track your vitals and your progress. You’ll have custom workout routines already built in and ready to go.
There’s a recumbent exercise bike for everyone, no matter what your fitness or financial profile looks like. Ready to see what’s right for you?

We all buy exercise bikes with the best of intentions. We want to use them daily to get fit and tone our bodies. One great bike for those who are less fit is a recumbent exercise bike; it comes in a variety of styles to suit ones budget and fitness level.